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If you are looking for information about Kinsmen Club of Brantford Inc., we've developed materials to meet your needs.

Our publications are available in PDF format. You will need free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these brochures and booklets.  Get Acrobat here.


Press and Media

Welcome to the media section of our website. Here you can find information about the comprehensive service offered by our press office, including press releases, our image library and video library and how and where you can film at our events. This part of the site is intended for members of the press and broadcasting industry who may be looking for detailed information about our work.

Our publications are available in PDF format. You will need free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these brochures and booklets.  Get Acrobat here.

Fact sheets



Public Service Announcements


  • We Are All Kin 2008 campaign (wmv)
  • Kin Canada (More Than Words Can Say) (wmv)
  • Portraits of Honour - Brantford Kinsmen Club (wmv)
  • Brantford Ribfest 2012 Promo (wmv)
  • New York, New York International Village (wmv)
  • Kinsmen Car Show & Swap Meet (wmv)
  • Brantford Kinsmen Weekly Bingo Game Promo (wmv)


Media filming

If you are a member of the media and would like to film on one of our sites in connection with a story, please contact our communications team with your enquiry at:


Please note that anyone who is found to be filming or photographing on one of our sites without the permission of the communications team will be asked to leave immediately, and footage and photographs may be confiscated.


All film crews and photographers must be accompanied by a staff member at all times. No patrons or staff are to be filmed without consent. Patrons are required to fill in a consent form before proceeding with any filming. All film crews and photographers must comply with the communications team.

Click here for more details of conditions and charges that may apply to filming and photography.


Current Events

  • We are proud to hold our Kinsmen Annual Car Show & Swap Meet on third Sunday in September.

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  • Brantford Kinsmen Annual Ribfest Weekend. The biggest event in Brantford, since Canada Day..

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  • Brantford International Villages Member since 1984 with our theme Village New York, New York.

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