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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why should I join the Kinsmen Club?

Joining the Kinsmen Club will allow you to:
  • make a contribution to improve the community; (The accent is on having fun while we improve our community.)
  • develop personally in chairing or participating in club projects;
  • network in our community; and
  • make lifetime friendships.
Our Club boasts 1 City Councillors of Brantford. All members in our organization end up making a difference in the City of Brantford & Brant County and grow personally along the way.
What are my commitments if I join Kinsmen?

  • We hold two general meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from September to June and are encouraged to attend.
  • Members are also encouraged to participate in all our events during the year.

Who qualifies as a member?

  • We are looking for community minded people over the age of 19 who want to make a difference in the City of Brantford.
  • Recently moved to or work in Brantford or Brant County, our club is a great place to learn about the community and meet new people.
  • Prospective members must attend three general meetings and be sponsored by an existing member.

How do I join the Kinsmen Club?

Please contact our club for more information.
Having fun making a difference in Brantford is what we are all about. Click HERE to contact our Membership Directors for more information.

How are charities and requests for assistance decided upon?

  • We will review all written requests for funding.
  • All requests are given great consideration by the club's members.
  • All actions of the club are voted upon by the members.
  • Our membership will allocate funding and manpower based on ability to support a project or cause.
Please see our funding page for these types of requests.

I would like to volunteer to help out with events. Is this possible?

    Yes, you can volunteer to help out with our events.
    All we ask is that you look over our events, decide which one's you wish to volunteer for and contact us with this information. Volunteering Opportunities

Current Events

  • We are proud to hold our Kinsmen Annual Car Show & Swap Meet on third Sunday in September.

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  • Brantford Kinsmen Annual Ribfest Weekend. The biggest event in Brantford, since Canada Day..

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  • Brantford International Villages Member since 1984 with our theme Village New York, New York.

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