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About Us

Brantford Kinsmen Incorporated, was chartered on March 11, 1941 and on October 1, 1962 received its' Letters Patent from the Provincial Secretary and Minister of Citizenship of the Province of Ontario.

Who are Kinsmen? People just like you! The Brantford Kinsmen is a Non-Profit service organization made up of active community volunteer men who wish to make Brantford & Brant County area a better place to live and are interested in helping to "Serving the Community's Greatest Needs". Working together, members are enhancing the quality of life in their communities by promoting service, fellowship, positive values and community pride. Our members are proud to call Brantford home and wish to make our community one of the best communities in Canada.

Working together, members are enhancing the quality of life in their communities by promoting service, fellowship, positive values and community pride. We undertake a wide variety of local fundraising which raises money for many community charity projects and service projects, which help to build a better, stronger community.

Our club is dedicated to serve and to raise funds to be put back into our community. The majority of the funds raised by our club stay in the community of Brantford and Brant County.

The Kinsmen Club of Brantford is proud of what we've done in this community. Included in the hundreds of projects we've undertaken are the addition to, Families First New Years Eve Celebration, the Bellview Hall, operated by Kinsmen for the community, the development of the books Honour Roll for Brant Country Citizens, and the Brantford 1877 - 1977 "Remember". These are only a few examples of what Kinsmen have done for the community.

We raise money in our community through many projects such as our Annual Car Show & Swop Meet, Bingo nights, Nevada Ticket sales, Annual Brantford Ribfest, Charity Gumball Machines and various other community projects.

The money we raise has been used to start many projects over the years, like the establishment of the Brantford Church Hockey League, Brantford Minor Soccer League. Also in support of many programs like the Safety Awareness Van (Dare Program), Apnea Monitors for baby breathing difficulties, Brantford General Hospital, Brantford Police Omnichrome6000 finger print lifter and the Brantford Boys & Girls Club just to name a few.

Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Canada / Les Clubs Kin du Canada

Kin Canada is an all-Canadian service organization made up of active community volunteers. Working together, members are enhancing the quality of life in their communities by promoting service, fellowship, positive values and national pride. Kin clubs support cystic fibrosis (CF) research and fund local projects across the country.

About Kin

When you were a kid it was great to have a place to meet new friends and discover new horizons. It can be the same now. Join a Kinsmen, Kinette or Kin club and become part of a dynamic organization filled with people just like you.


The Association was founded on Feb. 20, 1920 in Hamilton, Ontario by Harold A. Rogers O.C., O.B.E. (1899-1994). Rogers was 21 and had just returned from the trenches of the First World War when his father, a prominent Rotarian, encouraged him to get together a few young men his own age. However, when Rogers decided to join the same Rotary club as his father, his application was rejected. It was the policy of the Rotary not to have two members from the same business establishment. As a result of this rejection, Rogers and a small group of men gathered for a dinner meeting and became the first Kinsmen Club - the Kinsmen Club of Hamilton, Ontario.


More than 7600 members belong to 564 Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs from coast to coast. Kinsmen clubs are predominantly male-only while Kinette clubs are predominantly female-only. Kin clubs have a mixed membership of men and women. The Association was founded in Canada and there are no clubs outside of Canada.


"Kin Canada is a dynamic volunteer organization enriching our communities through service while embracing national pride, positive values, personal development and lasting friendships."


"Serving the Community's Greatest Need"


"Kin clubs undertake a wide variety of local fundraising and service projects. Its motto - "Serving the Community's Greatest Need" - means that each club determines how it will raise funds and how those funds will be spent in the community. The Association encourages the autonomy of its clubs so that as many decisions as possible are made by its members at the club level.

Since 1964, the Kinsmen and Kinettes' national fundraising project involves supporting the work of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CCFF). This year the Association's total contributions are expected to surpass $34 million for CF research and treatment. Kin are also active from coast to coast promoting a variety of national pride initiatives designed to give Canadians the opportunity to demonstrate that they are proud of their country. For example, Kinsmen and Kinettes annually spearhead 'Raise the Flag!' Day, a patriotic event encouraging Canadians everywhere to raise and fly the Canadian flag. This annual national event takes place in hundreds of communities on the Saturday before the Victoria Day weekend in May.

Help your community

Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs are the country's largest all Canadian service groups, made up of active community volunteers. Members work together to serve the community's greatest need by promoting service, fellowship, family values and national pride. They support Cystic Fibrosis research and fund local projects, like playgrounds and ice rinks, across the country. So, if you'd like to give something back to your community, the club is the perfect answer.

Develop personally

It's very satisfying to be a member of the club. You'll be proud of the work you do for others and pleased with the personal benefits that result. You may become a better leader, or more of a team player. You'll find yourself more relaxed in dealing with groups; your presentation skills will improve and you'll become a better public speaker. Plus you'll have a chance to network with people from a wide variety of businesses.

Make life-long friendships

Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin club members come from all walks of life, so you'll enjoy being part of a youthful and spirited group. And like most members, you'll make lifetime friendships that extend far beyond the club itself.

Have a whole lot of fun

Although Kinsmen dates back more than 80 years, there's nothing old-fashioned about the meetings. They're lively, interesting and fun. Fundraising events get you into the community and they're always rewarding and entertaining. So join the club today, and brighten the horizon - for yourself and your community. One of the many ways that some Kinsmen have fun is through our Kin Camp weekend. Kin Camp is a yearly event held at Meaford Memorial Park, Meaford, Ontario that members of different club get together for a Kin-fun-filled relaxing weekend to spend with other fellow Kin. At Kin Camp every year there are new and interesting events to participate full of games or challenges. But the fun doesn't stop there. We have had great speakers that have been both motivational and inspiring. Taken many field trips to interesting places like vine yards, museums, theme parks to name a few. Also club fun nights which can consist of playing cards, wattie or horse with a few members and club dinners nights. So as you can see your Kin Club is what you want to make of it. Come take a look at what Kinsmen can do for you and what you can do for Kin. Contact us today, and get involved.


Kin Canada is located at 1920 Hal Rogers Dr., in Cambridge, Ontario, about 100 kilometres west of Toronto on Hwy. 401. A full-time staff of 7 provides bilingual services to 564 Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs.

The Sraight Facts

Kinsmen Clubs, on the national average, raise more money for their communities and provide more community service then any other service club in the nation. Through a variety of service projects, fundraisers, business meetings and socials, Kinsmen enjoy personal development, fellowship and a satisfaction through teamwork. By giving a little of your time, the benefits to your community and to yourself are amazing. Meet new friends, good times, conversation, organizational skills, business contacts, a night out, business skills, political skills, competition, fun, administrative skills, awards, speaking skills, a better family environment.

So, if you'd like to give something back to your community, joining a Kinsmen Club is the perfect answer.